Extra Revenue

It's possible to offer this as a chargeable service to your customers or offer it free & set up with us a portion from each fare booked. Your low-cost booker could be making you money.

Service Excellence

Go above & beyond with local delivery. Order an affordable taxi with just a tap & have your products sent to the customer's door in a flash! Or offer your customers rides home or to connecting services.

Save time & Money

100% automated Digital bookings. Free up the costs of a fixed phone & free your staff from making bookings. Allow your customer's full control over their bookings with exclusive digital features eg. ETA & Quote.

Customer service is of primary importance to any business, exceeding expectations makes a positive impact on your customers that cannot be understated.

Building a reputation for impeccable customer service builds loyalty & makes you stand out from your competitors, making customers more likely to be retained for repeat business. Expanding on the value gained even further through referrals, reviews and ultimately creating more business.

In this way Investing in customer service is the most impactful thing you can do to increase your business.

Taxi bookers provide excellent customer service with self-service booking whilst remaining convenient, low upkeep, and free up valuable employee time, by not having to repeatedly make calls.

Taxibookers open up a wealth of possibilities, low cost local delivery, saving you money, freeing up employee time, & improving customer service.

If you’re interested in getting started get in touch below with your details and we’ll get back to you.

Simple Setup

Remote Deployable to all android modern PDA, tablets & phones smart TV's, with instant updates all via our secure portal.

Theft Protection

Choose from our range of Secure fixed point solutions: Stands, Wall mounts, Desk brackets & more...

Compliant GPS Booking

Fully compliant with all regulations, automated fixed point bookers, with intuitive software design, expand the places we can offer taxi services & enhance the customer experience. 

Fully Customisable

Fully "White label" Taxibooker is customisable to your business, add your branding colours & logo with ease via the portal.

Taxi bookers are best situated in “high footfall” areas, Shopping Centres & Supermarkets, Doctors, Hotels & other reception areas, Train & Bus stations. In any loud environment where phone bookings are difficult, Clubs & Pubs for example. 

Due to the fact that each Booker makes use of GPS technology to order direct with the taxi booking system, taxi bookers are ideal for accurate pickups at outdoor events & festivals, where multiple pickup locations are often unclear to the drivers.